Which Smart Lock Is Right For You?

How many times have you thought about getting a keyless lock for your home or office?

We constantly receive calls from clients who have done all the googling they could before heading down to the Big Green Shed to buy the cheapest, prettiest or most expensive “smart lock” they could find, depending on their means & motivation. They buy the lock, then start calling around to find someone to install it for them. That’s when their troubles start.

At Infinity Locksmiths, the first thing we ask when we receive these calls is “Did you keep the receipt?” This is important as the overwhelming majority of callers have purchased the wrong lock. It might have the look they are after and it may even have all the features they want; but it will not fit in place of their existing key-operated lock without major modification or replacement of the door.

When a client contacts us with an enquiry relating to keyless locks, we ask A LOT of questions about the existing locks & hardware fitted to their door. Often we will ask that they send us a photo of the lock in question, as this assists us in determining the current cutout of both the door & the door frame.

We also ask what features are most important to our client, as this helps us identify the most suitable smart lock for their requirements. Infinity Locksmiths stock a wide range of keyless locks to suit doors, gates, cupboards & drawers to suit all situations.

Finally we enquire what our client’s budget is. It’s important that we know how much money our client would like to spend. Infinity Locksmiths don’t sell cheap junk & while prices on high-quality bluetooth smart locks have dropped recently, there is a minimum cost involved in purchasing secure, durable electronic locks. The age-old saying “You Get What You Pay For” rings in the ears of everybody who’s been burned by the too-good-to-be-true prices at the big green warehouse.

If you’re considering a keyless, electronic, digital, fingerprint, bluetooth or wifi smart lock; call Infinity Locksmiths on 0421 986 316 today.