McGrath Locks Windsor Fire-Rated Smart Lock With 60/70mm Adjustable Latch

$639.00 Incl. GST

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This Fire Rated 4 in 1 Digital Door Lock is perfect for any buildings or apartments needing a fire rated lock.
A sleek door lock with Bluetooth app, pin code, RFID card and manual key to provide quick and convenient access.

  • External power can be used as the backup power
  • 4pcs batteries last for 18 months
  • Can open the door with the mechanical key when battery is out
  • Support interval code: It only works at a fixed daily time. Very convenient for daily fixed time babysitter, nursing etc.
  • Violence anti-theft alert: It will alert for any violence break-in.
  • Dual electric system design: In the even of failure of one circuit system, the other circuit system still operates normally.
  • Supplied with adjustable 60/70mm latch.
  • Unlocking methods: Bluetooth TT lock APP, Pin Code, RFID card, Manual Key
  • Use fire retardant plastics
  • Material: Aluminum alloy and glass keypad
  • Power supply: 4pcs AA Alkaline battery
  • Lift up the handle from outside to engage the deadbolt
  • Micro USB interface design for backup power
  • Anti-Peep Code: User may enter any random digits before or/and after the correct code and can still gain access, make sure strangers can’t steal your code by watching you nearby when you enter the code
  • Wrong-Try Lockout: Input wrong password 5 times, the keypad will be locked for 5 minutes
  • Low power Alarm: when battery is lower than 4.8V, buzzer will make alert while each unlocking. It still can keep 50 times unlocking until batteries dead, please replace the batteries in time
  • Communication mode: Bluetooth 4.1ble
  • Support system: Android 4.3 /IOS 7.0 above
  • Door Thickness: 1-3/8 – 2-1/4” (35 – 54mm) automatic adjustment
  • Door swing: Left and right swing doors
  • Compatible with 99% doors including wood/cooper/stainless steel door
  • Sus 304 stainless steel mortise
  • Energy-saving design
  • Hidden Emergency key hole
  • User Capacity: 300 groups
  • Code Scrambling: Yes
  • Length of Code: 4-9 digits
  • Available Lockcase: Single latch 60mm/70mm and double deadbolt
  • Card Working Frequency: 13.56MHZ
  • Lift-up the handle to lock: Yes
  • Unlock time: 1.5s
  • State current: ≤ 65uA
  • Motor working current: ≤ 200mA
  • Battery voltage: 4.5V-8V
  • Low battery warning voltage: lower than 4.8V
  • Working Temperature: -20 ℃-70℃
  • Working Humidity: 10% ~ 97%